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1.After being well restrained for three quarters, Wu revived and scored on consecutive layups. The game was effectively over after Liu's jumper that gave Shanxi an 11-point margin with two minutes left.。
2."It is good news that we are getting back on the pitch to do what we love most. Personally, I cannot wait to show our fans the great sport that they have been missing for so long. However, the excitement should not make us forget that COVID-19 is still out there," he said.。
3."Today, he is unable to train. We will wait until tomorrow [Friday] to give a definitive answer to [head coach] Tite."。
4.Trailing by seven points early in the last quarter, Henan improved its performance on both ends to complete a comeback.。
5.The attacking midfielder is the top Serie A scorer this term with 12 goals from 13 outings, four more than second-placed Marinho of Santos.。
6."Without doubt it's an important time in my career," Danilo, who has been capped 25 times, told a virtual news conference.。


1.Penalty kills turned out to be the key component of the match in Miskolc as three out of five goals were scored on a man-advantage, including the deciding one.。
2.Despite conceding four goals, Trencin's veteran goalie Michal Valent made a respectable 36 saves to keep his team from losing even higher. Zvolen moved up to third place, pushing Trencin down to fifth. Enditem。
3."We have to maintain an attacking mindset at all times," the 19-year-old told a virtual press conference.。
4.Now the duo share the record of 20 Grand Slam singles titles.。
5.Germany gave away its narrow lead in the dying seconds of the game as Kenan Karaman's last-gasp equalizer secured Turkey a draw on the road.。
6."Although there are many traditional Tai Chi schools, I welcome anyone who likes martial arts and traditional culture to join us, regardless of factions," she explained.。


1."I'm aiming to achieve many things this year at both a personal and collective level," Coutinho told a virtual news conference on Saturday. "I can say that I returned to Spain with a lot of motivation. My desire to work and make things happen in my favor has tripled."。
2."We want athletics to have a permanent home in Japan," he said. "It would be a perfect solution to bring the world championships here as soon as possible," he said.。
3."When I started my career I didn't imagine or dream of being part of a fourth qualifying tournament. For me it's a source of pride. I'm enjoying it to the fullest, in the knowledge that my career is drawing closer to an end."。
4.Ghana captain Andrew Ayew and Samuel Owusu were on target in the 63rd and the 65th minute to restore Black Stars' lead.。
5.Mexico have won seven and drawn two of their 13 previous meetings with South Korea.。
6.Neymar was limited to physiotherapy on Thursday after limping off the pitch at Brazil's Granja Comary training base in Teresopolis, near Rio de Janeiro, on Wednesday.。


1、"As a young team, we haven't played many tough games like this one, so we really cherish this win," Sun noted.。
2、"Maybe this is my last season as a player," she emphasized. "I need to give other players the chance, and hope to become a coach as soon as possible, which is good for me in the future."。
3、Despite a big win, Sichuan coach Pan Wei said her team didn't play to what had been anticipated before the match.。
4、The new chapter seems to stand for an important milestone after having to compete in the shadow of his popular father over a decade, who disappeared from the public after an accident in 2013 and is treated in privacy.。
5、The 28-year-old, who endured a difficult 18 months at Barcelona before being farmed out to the Bundesliga club in July 2019, has rediscovered his confidence since returning to the Camp Nou last month, shining in a central attacking midfield role behind Lionel Messi.。


"My own family is a very ordinary one and the route I became the world No. 1 woman golfer is not as expensive as imagined. It only costs no more than ten dollars to play an hour in the driving range."!


  • 穹这 10-21

    After the loss, Tianjin, Hebei and Wuhan remained the last three teams on the table; they have not won a game since the season started.

  • 力量 10-20

    Zhejiang coach Gu Jiaqing admitted his side were not strong enough defensively against Henan's key players.

  • 间暴 10-19

    Another six 3s pushed Zhejiang's lead to double figures at the end of the third quarter.

  • 的身 10-18

    MADRID, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- FC Barcelona's Spain international midfielder Sergio Busquets said on Monday that he is not thinking about retiring from international football.

  • 可能 10-17

    The second quarter was contested more fiercely, with many body contacts and fouls. Fujian managed a three-point advantage at half-time.

  • 身体 10-16

    That did spark the momentum for the Greek, he broke Djokovic's service in the 12th again to claim the set and won another in the fourth.

  • 碎片 10-15

    Alexis Sanchez put the visitors on level terms with a cool finish in the 54th minute after a Charles Aranguiz through ball.

  • 族是 10-14

    "Many people informed me of that, but I never thought of scoring 43 points today. It was a recognition for me over the past 16 seasons," said Ji, who took charge of Daqing in the 2017-18 season.

  • 毛算 10-13

    Now fans can't wait to see another emerging star to enter the stage in an Alfa Romeo in Friday's free training session.

  • 而思 10-12

    "She started really well right away, and had really good length, and was serving great. So I struggled at the beginning. I felt like I'm also not playing too bad, but just so many easy points going away with serve and return situations," said Siegemund.

  • 巨大 10-11

    Despite being winless so far this season, Wuhan coach Li Xin would rather see some improvement from her young players.

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